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Getting it right, from start to finish!

Line Art is where state of the art technology meets professional expertise to secure one stop services.

At Line Art ONE STOP does not only mean we cater for A-Z services but through our attention to detail guarantee a hassle free printing experience.

Professional, efficient, cost-effective graphic design & print services

We design and print anything from business cards through to complex label formats or catalogues

LINE ART: your one stop, full service printing partner

Custom Label Printing at its finest!

Line Art's signature service secures quick turn arounds and cost efficient solutions for even the most ambitious shape and quality needs.

We design and produce state of the art self-adhesive and paper labels. Our in-house UV plate making machine (Offset & Flexo plate making) drastically cuts your film and plate making costs and reduces pre-press preparation. This makes Line Art your preferred partner for timely deliveries and competitive pricing.

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