Designing Labels for Customer Attraction

Designing Labels for Customer Attraction

Just like book covers, labels are very important elements of product packaging. They communicate with customers directly using shapes, fabrics, graphics, and typography.

The perfect label must catch the eye, tell everything there’s to know about the product, and convince him or her to put it in the basket – all that over a very short period of time, during which customers decide what they want to buy.

The next time you’re looking to tackle a packaging project, keep theseuseful tips in mind:

With the help of templates and mock-ups, it’s surprisingly simple to create folded designs that look striking and decorative.

Try out labels for a simple yet effective packaging design—wrapped around, tied to or stuck to boxes and bottles, labels can give a lovely hand-done look to your product.

Let typography sell the product—switch up the style of your typefaces to transform the personality of your packaging and pitch it at particular consumers.

Team photography with minimal design styles—keep photos looking modern and relevant by pairing them with ultra-modern sans serif type styles and tech-inspired graphics and colors.

Go arty! Bring an artistic, unique touch to labels with hand-drawn or vectorized illustrations and logos.

Add a masculine edge to packaging with a strong black-and-white color combination…
…or bring feminine flair with pattern, for a look that’s elegant and beautiful.

Think about the full packaging range—extend your designs to stickers, labels and internal packaging for a truly immersive consumer experience.

Turn your packaging into a walking ad­—design custom shopping bags or add logos to shopping bags for an easy way to advertise your business’s presence.

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